I. Transitory Guidelines on the Reporting of Loans to Large Enterprises as Alternative Compliance with Reserve Requirements

II. Responsible Marketing on Digital Banking Services

III. Financial Action Task Force Publications on High-Risk and Other Monitored Jurisdictions

IV. Submission of the FX Form 1 Weekly Report

V. Regulatory Relief from the Exposure Limit Applicable to Unit Investment Trust Funds in Relation to COVID-19

VI. Utilization of Basel III Capital and Liquidity Buffers

VII. Sustainable Finance Framework

VIII. Reminders Against Financial Crimes Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

IX. Relaxation in the Credit Risk Weight for Loans to MSMEs Under the BSP's Risk Based Capital Adequacy Framework

X. Transitory Guidelines on the Reporting of MSME Loans as Alternative Compliance with Reserve Requirement

XI. Waiver of Fees Related to the Grant of License of Authority to Provide Types A1 and B2 Advanced EFPS as Additional Relief of BSFIs

XII. Fees on Interbank Fund Transfer and ATM Transactions

XIII. Availability of Digital Financial Services During the ECQ Period

XIV. Temporary Relief Measure on the Transactions with PhilPaSS During the ECQ Period

XV. BSFI's Personnel Exempted from the Enhanced Community Quarantine

XVI. Regulatory Relief Measures for BSFI's Affected by COVID-19

XVII. Additional Operational Relief Measures

XVIII. Standard Operating Procedures During the COVID-19 Outbreak

XIX. Reserve Requirement Ratios of BSFI's During the Enhanced Community Quarantine Period 

XX. Operational Relief Measures for Foreign Exchange Transactions

XXI. Relief Measure on Customer Identification to Manage COVID-19 Situation

XXII. Administrative Proceedings in the BSP Legal Office (31 March 2020)

XXIII. Anti-Money Laundering Council (29 March 2020)

XXIV. Reduction in Reserve Requirement for Deposits and Deposit Substitutes

XXV. Submission of Reports/Documents and Communications to the BSP Department of Loans and Credit

XXVI. DST Exemption on Loan Reliefs Falling Due Within the ECQ Period

XXVI. Financial Services by BSFIs During Holy Week

XXVIII. Treatment of Net Unrealized Losses in the EFCDU/FCDU 

XXIX. Submission on the FX Form 1 Weekly Report

XXX. Availment Procedures for the BSP Rediscount Facilities

XXXI. Reclassification of Debt Securities Measured at Fair Value to the Amortized Cost Category

XXXII. Reduction in the Minimum Liquidity Ratio in Response to COVID-19


XXXIII. Mandatory 30-Days Grace Period Under the Bayanihan Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations

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